Lameness & Orthopaedics

We perform a large number of lameness investigations every year. The caseload is varied, from thoroughbred racehorses and high performance sport horses to ponies and pleasure horses. These investigations are aided by the latest digital x-ray and digital ultrasound scanning equipment. In some cases, diagnostic nerve blocks and/or joint blocks may be used to more accurately localise the site of lameness.

The hospital site has extensive trot up areas, facilities for safely lunging horses on a firm and soft surface and xray and ultrasound suites with rubberised floors. Our trained and experienced veterinary nurses and veterinary interns are on hand to help out with all stages of the lameness investigation process.

Therapies provided for equine lameness include extra-corporeal shockwave therapy, osphos, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and IRAP. In lameness cases requiring orthopaedic surgery our experienced surgeons, including a usa board certified specialist surgeon, are available to carry out procedures such as fracture repairs, arthroscopic keyhole surgery and septic joint and tendon sheath flushing.

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