Premium Bone Supplement

Premium Bone Supplement is an extremely powerful pellet supplement formulated to assist optimum skeletal development and conformation in horses. Suitable for feeding to lactating mares, weanlings, yearlings and two year olds.


Premium Bone Supplement is unique in that it contains a balanced combination of macro-minerals, trace minerals and amino acids with the additional benefit of Sodium Zeolyte, a bioavailable silicon-containing compound.


  • Trusted by leading studs to promote outstanding bone formation in foals.
  • Easy-to-feed pellet formation.
  • Significant trialling work has been done to validate the efficiency of this special formula.


Recommended Dosage:

Mare In Foal (last 3 months of gestation) – 120g daily

Lactating Mare – 120g daily

Weanlings (6 to 12 months) – 60g daily

Yearlings – 60g daily

Two Year Olds – 60g daily


Price: € 99.85